27 Jun 2015

How to travel with your folding bike

While the dream of going on a bike tour across the world is shared by many, it seems that there are number of limitations (and excuses!) that prevent us from making our dreams become reality.  Recently we interviewed Warren and Pauline, who have successfully traveled various places in the world with folding bikes and Burley trailer about how they tackled some of the limitations.

As a matter of fact, they assure us that folding bikes are, in many ways, the best option for travelling abroad.

There are lot of notions that folding bikes are unsuitable as a realistic solution for travelling; this couple politely dispels such idea, as they travel across Prince Edward County, Houston, New York, Orlando, Hollywood Beach and various other places on our folding bikes.

Their compact size, lightweight construction, and thoughtful transport solution mean that additional luggage (such as spare clothing, tools and accessories) can be fit in standard checked luggage. With some of the bikes weighing 25 pounds or less, that gives you an extra 25 pounds of storage available for checked luggage. This means that you save money (so that you can spend it on your destination), you have easier luggage transportation, and you can more easily travel from one place to another.

With the use of the Burley Travoy Trailer (which can also be folded to compact size) available at Power in Motion, additional luggage poses no problem; simply toss your luggage (and case of beer) on the back, and you can go on your merry way. Once you reach your destination or feel the need to jump on public transport, just fold them up and get on the ride; I pinkie-promise* that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the experience.

*can be substituted without notice to any kind of non-legally binding promises

Just remember to have fun, and enjoy the sight-seeing at your destination!

Be sure to check in for the next posting, which will be about the Tern P24h, the best option (in our opinion) for a folding touring bike

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