30 Sep 2015

Surface 604 Boar: 2016 Electric Fatbike

Surface 604 Boar: 2016 Electric Fatbike

The volume and variety of bikes and bike-related products on proud display at Interbike 2015 is really quite astonishing. Of all the fantastic and interesting innovations we saw, one that really stood out to us was an electric fatbike from Vancouver-based company, Surface 604.

At first, we were reluctant to approach the Surface 604 booth. This bike brand has been around for a while and in our eyes had become associated with heavy, low quality, unattractive electric fat bikes.  However, we quickly discovered that the only thing the same about this company was the name.  Internally, they have changed management. Externally, their 2016 product lineup is suave and well built.

Their flagship model is an electric fat bike called the Boar. The name conjures up an image of the wild, agile and burly forest dwelling beast, which certainly gives insight into the personality of this bike.

We saw quite quickly that this bike has a lot going for it. It adopts the industry standard for front and rear hub spacing, making it compatible with the growing range of fatbike forks, in addition to ensuring the design is future-proof and ready to accept the latest and greatest forks, hubs, rims and rubber as they hit the market.

Surface 604 didn't stop there. They've created their own line of fat bike racks, and have put an extremely hard to find item onto the market: fat bike fenders. We were pretty excited about that! We got our hands on some of these accessories and have to tell you, Surface 604 has made some quality bike racks and fenders. Definitely check them out.

Front Fatbike Rack by Surface 604 - Buy yours in Calgary at Power in Motion Rear Fatbike Rack by Surface 604 - Buy yours in Calgary at Power in Motion Fatbike Fenders by Surface 604 - Buy yours in Calgary at Power in Motion

This company strikes an excellent balance between performance and price. The Boar comes stocked with high quality components and a well thought out frame design. The battery is low profile, and keeps the center of gravity low and centered, creating a very natural and stable ride-feel. There is even a USB charging port on the battery, to keep your gadgets topped up.

The cable routing is complimented by rubber grommets, to keep the elements from creeping in. The front hub is sealed, and the motor is waterproof. They have even moved the electrical control box up towards the stem, keeping it high and far from the searching tendrils of all that grimy goodness you will, no doubt, need to charge through once you swing a leg over this bike.

One thing is clear: this bike was designed for bikers, by bikers. We are proud to be working with this Canadian company, and we invite you to come by Power In Motion and try out these new 2016 electric fatbikes!


  • Low Profile Battery Placement (37V, 13.3Ah Samsung-cell Li-ion)

  • High Torque Bafang 350W Geared Hub Motor

  • SRAM 1x10 Transmission

  • Torque Sensing Battery Management System

  • Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes

  • Suspension Fork Compatible

  • Sizes: Small/Medium (17.5"), Medium/Large (19")

  • Colours: Green, White, Black


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8/16/2017 10:48 PM

Thanks for taking all the accessories of my old fatbike. The boar is a nice bike. They aren't kidding about the 80km battery range. I got 72 km pullng a trailer. 20km one level 1. 20K at level 3. 20K at level 4. About 12km at full power level 5. It felt capable of doing 100 miles if I left power set to level 3. Battery level jumped from 4 to dead. Did first 40km and battery level barely changed. It does take a very long time to charge though.


6/26/2018 9:18 AM

Outfitted my boar with studded tires and tire chains. It’s good up to about 3” of snow. Packed snow provides great traction on roads where drivers just keep spinning tires. In fact, accelerating from a light I had to keep coasting because a car ahead of me couldn’t get going whereas I could go full power.

I can vouch for the battery range. The battery level drops rapidly on power level 4 or 5. I did a long ride and it took forever for the battery voltage to drop on level 2&3. Near the end of the ride I cranked the power level up. About 6 bars on the battery indicator to zero (it shut down) on level 5 with around 90 kms. After a minute it powered back up. Level 3 is about 27kph. 4 is 30kph. 5 is 32kph. The reduction in power at 32kph causes surging. Could be a smoother power reduction but it will do exactly 32kph. You can also pedal faster but without motor assist.

Acceleration is 0-30kph in about 7 seconds.

The large speed display is very easy to read and has a built in light. It registers very small speed changes instantly (.1kph).

It has a heavy enough front end that I can climb 35% grades unlike some bikes that rear up and dump you off the back and is about 25 lbs lighter than my ebike kit and bike. For 350 watts it does a good job performing like a 500watt ebike.

I’ve run down to 12 psi before the steering began to self steer on corners when on pavement. On snow you can run lower pressure without it happening. You can run down to 5psi (I tired 2psi). Bike will bounce with each pedal stroke at very low pressures though. To be expected with any fatbike.

Shifting is accurate and snappy. You can shift down 4 gears at a time if you need to. The only criticism is you have to remove the battery each time you charge it. My guess is to prevent damage to the electronics when charging.

I added a home made rear brake light and fenders. The tires throw up a lot of water, making it really cool to go blasting through deep puddles… big waves!

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