Fat Bike Accessories

RST Renegade Suspension Fork - $600  
Fat Bike Suspension Fork Calgary 
Lauf Carbonara - $1245                                                                                                                                   
Carbon Fibre Fat Bike Suspension Fork Lightweight Calgary

Wheels 26" fat/29+
Travel 60mm / 2.35" travel
Weight Sub 1100g / 2.31lbs (1.75mm steerer with Lauf axle
Unsprung weight 260g unsprung weight
Spring Rate Regular (over 80kb riders) and Light (under 85kg riders)
Axle 15mm Lauf thru axle
Hub spacing 150mm
Rake 51mm
Axle to crown 494mm
Steerer Tapered 1 1/8" - 1 1/2" (uncut length 150mm)
Min rotor size 180mm
Max tyre width 4.8" (26" fat)/3" (29+)
Rider weight limit 120kg / 265lbs
Old Man Mountain Sherpa Rear Rack - $265                                                                                                                                   
Fat Bike Rear Rack Calgary 170mm 190mm 197mm

 Salsa Alternator Rear Rack - $200  
Salsa Fat Bike Rear Rack Calgary

 Axiom Fatliner Rear Rack - $80  
Fat Bike Rack Alberta

 Blackburn Outpost Rear Rack - $185  
Fat Tire Bike Rack Calgary

Rockshox Bluto RL Suspension Fork - $940  
Calgary Fat Bike Suspension Fork Rockshox Bluto 
 SKS Grand M.O.M. Rear Fender - $42  
 Fat Bike Fenders Calgary
 SKS Grand D.A.D. Front Fender - $49  
 Calgary Fat Bike Fenders
PoliSport Mudflap XL - $12  
Fat Bike Fenders Alberta 
45NRTH Husker Du 26x4.0" Tire - $170  
 Fat Bike Tires Calgary
 Vee Rubber Snowshoe XL 26x4.8" Tire - $186  
 Calgary Fat Bike Tires Extra Wide  
 Schwalbe Winter Tire Stud Kit - $38  
 Calgary Winter Tires Studded Fat Bikes