B&W Bike Bag - $521  

The B&W Bike Bag is a robust and durable way to transport your Montague bike.  It sports a thick nylon upper and a rigid anti-shock bottom tray for a perfect pairing of portability and protection.  
 B&W Bike Box - $595  
  The B&W Bike Box is the safest way to transport your Montague bike.  It is composed of a strike-proof rigid plastic shell surrounding a solid aluminum frame and has four free-running wheels for increased portability.
 Octagon Steerer Extender - $70  
  The Octagon Steerer Extender lets you adjust the handlebar height on your bike at a moment's notice without the need for any tools.  Ideal for those who want to find the perfect riding position or for bikes shared by multiple riders.
 ASAMA Polypropylene Folding Pedals - $15  
  Inexpensive and lightweight - these pedals are an easy way to make your Montague bike even more compact.
 VP Aluminum Folding Pedals - $55  
  This folding pedal is durable and robust so that when you put your Montague bike through hell, your pedals can stand up to the abuse.
 MKS FD-7 Alloy Folding Pedals - $68  
  Based in Tokyo, MKS produces top of the line folding pedals that are the perfect complement to Montague folding bikes.
MKS ESPRIT Ezy Superior QR Pedals - $165  
   The MKS line of removable pedals are designed for the serious rider with a light and elegant quick release system.
 SR Suntour Suspension Seatpost - $200  
    The SR Suntour suspension seatpost features an innovative parallelogram design to decrease pressure on the rider's spine and provide a smooth and comfortable ride.  The stiffness of the suspension can be easily adjusted to the rider's weight.