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Electric Bikes 101

What are the benefits from an Electric Bike?

  • Reach your destination faster if biking is your primary mode of transportation

  • Senior citizen that wishes for extra assisted power

  • Limitation on stamina due to lingering injuries that needs the assisted power

  • Recreational rider who desires help climbing steep hills or extended range for long distance travel

  • RV / Campers

Other benefits not covered in video

  • Great towing power, some people use it to tow little cargo or family uses it to tow their children

  • Environmentally friendly

E-bike courtesy & negative perception

Although e-bikes has an established culture in Europe, riding an e-bike in North America can be the subject of scorn, perceived as "cheating" or its an "automobile" not everyone has understanding or willingness to accept e-bike as part of the bike culture.

This short video segment looks at some common (mis)perceptions around e-bikes and how to courteously counter them. With the right attitude and information, we can build a strong community of awareness on the subject and creating a respectful biking environment for everyone.

Are ebikes legal?

Electric bike legislation is mandated at federal, provincial and municipal levels so there is no single answer for all areas.  This video segment looks at the current Canadian laws, with a focus on the laws in Calgary, Alberta.  In Calgary, electric bikes are legal on city pathways if using "Pedelec" or pedal-sensing technology.  We also look briefly at how our laws compare to the United States and the United Kingdom. 


Please follow the below link for the official e-bike regulations from the City of Calgary:

City of Calgary - Electric Bikes on Pathways

What is difference between Pedelec and Power on Demand (POD)?

Power on Demand systems only require the use of a throttle to engage the motor, and as such pedaling is not required to engage the motor. 

Pedelec systems respond to the rider's pedaling input to drive the motor, and as such require the rider to actively pedal the bike in order to engage the motor.

What is the difference between Mid drive system vs hub motor

The main differences between Mid Drive and Hub Drive motors are in weight placement and bike handling, interaction with gears to produce greater torque in a mid-drive system, and ability to use regenerative braking in a hub motor.  This short video segment looks at these and other differences in more detail.

What components make up an e-bike ?

Most electric bikes work around the same basic system, which includes a battery to power the motor, a motor to propel the bike, a device to control the speed (either Pedalec or Power on Demand), and a controller to facilitate power management.

What are the difference between ebike conversion kit vs purpose built eBike?


Some basic point for starter is that conversion kit can be more economical option, however, kits are general less discrete, whereas manufactured e-bikes are more aesthetically pleasing.

Conversion kits are often modular and feature open architecture, while manufactured e- bikes has all the components correctly placed on the bike saving headache of overthinking about fit.

For further discussion please review the Kits vs Factory E-Bikes video where we dive deeper into the subject. 

What Brands of E-bikes Do We Sell?


Easy Motion is an electric bike company with the latest in pedal assist and power on demand (POD) technology. Easy Motion is owned by BH Bicycle Corporation of Spain (one the world’s oldest and largest bicycle suppliers). BH Bicycle Corporation is a multi-national company within the BH Group, headquartered in Spain and creating quality products for over 100 years. Built on a legacy of producing high end, user-focused fitness equipment for the home, light commercial and full commercial settings, BH Fitness manufactures and distributes treadmills, ellipticals, upright bicycles, recumbent bicycles, indoor training cycles, whole body vibration platforms and strength equipment.

EasyMotion E-Bikes Calgary

OHM Cycles Ltd. is an electric bike manufacturer based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It began in 2005 with a desire and curiosity to find a quality-built high performance electric bike. OHM's founder, Michael DeVisser, had been living and working in Beijing, surrounded by electric bikes. Passionate about the concept, Michael set out to design and manufacture a more streamlined and powerful version for the North American market.

Focused on the goal of producing a premium electric bike with exceptional range and features, the OHM team spent five years researching and testing electric bikes around the world. When they were confident with the prototype results, they produced their first line of custom-built electric bikes in Canada.

Ohm E-Bikes Calgary, Alberta

At Surface 604 we have a passion for electric bikes. We’re on a mission to change people’s perceptions about what’s possible on an e-bike and to get more people riding more often. That’s why we founded the company in 2013 with one simple goal: to build the ultimate electric bike – one that everyday people can afford.

Our vision was to create the “Sport Utility” of bikes. One bike that could take you anywhere, in any season. A bike that let you bring what you want. A bike that was so fun to ride and so versatile that the second car would just sit in the driveway collecting dust. Or, even better, a bike that would replace the car altogether.

Surface 604 Ebike Calgary Alberta
What Brands of E-bike Conversion kit Do We Sell?  
We currently carries two brand of electric bike conversion kits, please click on the follow link to find out more:

Power In Motion e-Bike kit

Power In Motion