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Our entry-level kit is perfect for light duty use and for bikes where the lightest weight is paramount. Within hilly areas it works best with a rider/cargo combo of less than 180 lbs. The lightweight motor (just over 6 lbs) blends into the bike as does the control console (which sets the three levels of maximum power assist for the motor). The PicaMotion kit is based around a 250W geared motor paired with the newest 36/48V, 25A sensorless controller. It is available in front or rear configuration, and is capable of fitting caliper and most common disc brakes (using six bolt ISO disc rotors).

PicaMotion electric bike kit - PowerInMotion

 $1,329 front / $1,350 rear (with 37V, 10Ah lithium)

Motor 250W  AC  Brushless 
Controller 36V, 25A Sensored
Throttle Thumb, Half-twist, Full-twist
Motor Weight  6.6 / 6.8 lbs 
Max. Speed 28 km/hr
Compatible Batteries ALL


PicaMotion ebike kit installed on Norco Corsa  - PowerInMotion
 PicaMotion Front Kit on Norco Corsa




This is the mid-range, general purpose workhorse kit suitable for a rider/cargo combination of less than 230 lbs. Those looking for alternative transportation for simple errands or even their daily commute will appreciate the power of the 500W geared motor, 36/48v 25amp sensorless controller and 37V, 10Ah lithium battery. Available in both front and rear configurations. The MegaMotion is also capable of fitting most common disc brakes (using 6 bolt ISO disc rotors).

MegaMotion electric bike kit - PowerInMotion

 $1,485 (with 37V 10Ah lithium battery)

Motor 500W Brushless Rear
Controller 36V, 25A Sensored
Throttle Thumb, Half-twist, Full-twist
Motor Weight  9 lbs 
Max. Speed 32km/hr
Compatible Batteries ALL


MegaMotion ebike kit installed on Norco Scene - PowerInMotion
 MegaMotion Kit on Norco Scene



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