MOTIONHeat Rechargeable Heated Ski Gloves were designed in Calgary, Canada. These gloves have been designed for outdoor recreation enthusiasts who want to stay out all day skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling, although have been widely adopted by many industries and workers such as police officers, film industry crew, photographers, and traffic controllers. These heated gloves have also found their way into the medical sector providing comfort and relief to those suffering from pain in the hands caused by diseases like Raynaud's and Arthritis. 

Our heated gloves have proven useful in battling the cold of the Canadian winters throughout various environments, and also provides soft comforting warmth to those with poor circulation in their hands. If you are looking for a source of heat to keep your fingers flexible and warm MOTIONHeat has proven quality and performance for any situation. And with a one-year warranty, they are simply the best-heated gloves available.


Flexible and Durable: Built from durable “rip stop” polyester with a full "synthetic-grip" palm, these gloves will keep you warm and provide the performance needed for any winter sport. These gloves are water repellent and have flex-joint knuckles which give you the optimum grip while skiing, snowboarding, or sledding.  

12 Volt Power Source: Our gloves are the hottest gloves on the market for the extremes of winter time. If they can handle a Canadian winter, they can handle any winter! Most heated gloves on the market run on a 7.4v, 3.7v, or standard AAA or D-cell batteries which typically have a very short run time and can tend to be heavy in weight. Also, plugs into various other 12v systems with the appropriate adapter. 

Temperature Control: There are 3 power level settings built into the MOTIONHeat system. The HIGH setting will get things warming up quickly within seconds. If you don't need that quick blast of heat drop it down to the MEDIUM setting. Once the gloves are nice and toasty, reduce the heat down to the LOW setting to maintain the temperature and save battery life. 

Versatile Design for Custom Arrangements: Batteries can be placed in the glove cuff or in your pockets. The MOTIONHeat system was designed with various purposes and user arrangements in mind. Each Heated Glove is lined with an inner pocket large enough to comfortably house the battery. The relatively light weight of the batteries prevents strain on the wrists. For outdoor workers who stay out all day and require less weight and bulk on their hands, they can use the included StickMan extension wire to run the batteries from a remote location like in the jacket pocket. Additional batteries can be plugged into the wiring harness which increases the battery run-time.


  • Fall or winter cycling
  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • Snowshoeing, Hunting, and Ice fishing
  • Hockey and curling
  • Motorcycle and ATV
  • Roofing contractors
  • Electricians, mechanics, and plumbers
  • Police and military
  • Postal and delivery services
  • Oil field workers
  • Arthritis
  • Raynauds patience
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Injury recovery


  • Pair of MotionHeat heated work gloves 
  • 2x MotionPack batteries 
  • Dual battery charger 








Textile Materials: Durable Waterproof Corduroy 600D, "Rip-Stop" Polyester (backhand and cuff), Full "synthetic-grip" palm, water Repellent (Hydrophobic Fatliquor PM4700, Chimerical), Primaloft insulation, double stitching on fabrics for added durability.

Hourly Run Time: Hourly runtime of compact, standard, and high-temperature batteries. Note that batteries will last 500 charge/discharge cycles from full to empty.

STANDARD (12v 2.6Ah)
#Batteries High Medium Low
2 2.5 3.25 5.25
HIGH TEMP (16v 2.6Ah)
#Batteries High Medium Low
2 3 4 5.5

Size Chart: Measurement of hand circumference. If your size measurements fall between two size categories we recommend going a size down for optimal fitting. For example, if your hand circumferences measures 23cm then a medium would fit better than a large size.

Size Centimeters Inches
SMALL  18 - 21cm   7" - 8" 
MEDIUM  21 - 23cm 8" - 9" 
LARGE  23 - 25cm  9" - 10"

read product manual



MotionHeat heated glove liners can be purchased with or without the batteries:

  1. COMPLETE SET (2 BATTERIES) [RECOMMENDED] $325.00 CAD/ $282.59 USD This is our complete set with a pair of Heated Ski Gloves, 2 MotionPack battery packs, a charger, and a StickMan extension wire. The gloves were originally designed to be used with one battery exclusively with each hand. This provides the longest amount of run-time for all day use.
  2. GLOVES ONLY (NO BATTERY) $200.00 CAD / 173.90 USD You can purchase gloves on their own as an additional or replacement pair. Or, if you are a motorcycle or electric bike user, and you already have 12V power source, then you can use the gloves without our battery packs by plugging in directly to the bike.


MotionHeat gloves can be ordered from the stores and dealers listed below. If you are ready to purchase please have your hand size, shipping address, and credit card information ready.

 Store  Location
 PowerInMotion Storefront  Eau Claire Market Calgary: 176 - 200 Barclay Parade SW
 Western Canada/US Dealer (ItsElectric)  e-store (Canada): ca.itselectric.ca e-store (US): us.itselectric.ca
 Eastern Canada/US Dealer (ItsMotionElectric)  e-store (Canada/US): itsmotionelectric.com
 Additional Dealers  
 Eprider (GTA)  Toronto, ON, 416-237-0168, http://www.eprider.com
 Redbike  Edmonton, AB, 780-435-2674, http://www.redbike.ca

International Orders: Call us at 403-233-8841 or Email info@powerinmotion.ca