Designed in Calgary, Canada, the MOTIONHeat rechargeable heated vest is a thin lightweight mid-layer which can be worn overtop of a sweater or under a winter jacket. This unisex "one size fits most" vest has been designed with an adjustable strapping system which allows it to adapt to almost any body shape and size. Featuring three distinct heat zones, the ability to plug in heated gloves and/or insoles, and hold up to eight batteries at once, this vest will surely keep you powered and warm! 

The MOTIONHeat vest is flexible and can be used for a variety of applications such as construction, oil and gas, and the tradesmen workplace, police officers, film industry crew, photographers, and traffic controllers. The heated vest has also found its way into the medical sector providing comfort and relief to those suffering from back and chest pain from various health conditions. 

Our heated vest has proven useful in battling the cold of the Canadian winters throughout various environments, and also providing comforting warmth to those with poor circulation. If you are looking for a heat source of heat to keep your body core warm MOTIONHeat vest has proven quality and performance for any situation. And with a one-year warranty, this is simply the best-heated vest available.


One size fits most design: Vest contains adjustable strapping which can adapt to almost any body shape and size (Unisex). This allows for a close, comfortable fit which maximizes heat transfer to the body. 

12 Volt Power Source: Our vest is the hottest on the market for the extremes of winter time. If they can handle a Canadian winter, they can handle any winter! Most heated vest on the market run on a 7.4v, 3.7v, or standard AAA or D-cell batteries which typically have very short run time and can tend to be heavy in weight. Also, plugs into various other 12v systems with the appropriate adapter. 

Temperature Control: There are 3 power level settings built into the MOTIONHeat system. The HIGH setting will get things warming up quickly within seconds. If you don't need that quick blast of heat drop it down to the MEDIUM setting. Once the gloves are nice and toasty, reduce the heat down to the LOW setting to maintain the temperature and save battery life. 

Acts as a "power hub": MOTIONHeat gloves, kidney belt, and insoles can be plugged into and powered from the heated vest. Batteries can be placed in the front or rear vest battery pockets. By plugging in your heated gloves, the hands are free from carrying the battery in the glove cuff. By plugging in the heated insoles, the leg or boot is free from carrying a battery pack providing additional mobility. The vest can hold up to eight batteries at once for seriously extended runtime.


  • Fall or winter cycling
  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • Snowshoeing, Hunting, and Ice fishing
  • Hockey and curling
  • Motorcycle and ATV
  • Roofing contractors
  • Electricians, mechanics, and plumbers
  • Police and military
  • Postal and delivery services
  • Oil field workers
  • Arthritis
  • Raynauds patience
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Injury recovery


  • MotionHeat heated vest 
  • 2x MotionPack batteries 
  • Dual battery charger 








Hourly Run Time: Hourly runtime of compact, standard, and high-temperature batteries. 

Note that batteries will last 500 charge/discharge cycles from full to empty.

# of batteries12V (3.2Ah) battery
Runtime in hours: Vest ONLY
Runtime in hours: Gloves ONLY (in pair)
consumption 17.8w11.6w6w
Temperature 60c 45c 30c
1 1.73 2.7 5.2
2 3.46 5.3 10.3
3 5.19 7.98 15.5
4 6.92 10.6 20.6
Runtime in hours: Footwear ONLY (in pair)
consumption 8.1w 6.56w 4.2w
Temperature 70c 60c 50c
1 3.9 4.7 7.4
2 7.7 9.4 14.8
3 11.5 14.1 22.2
4 15.4 18.8 29.5
Runtime in hours: Vest and gloves (in pair)
consumption 25.6w 17.1w9.8w
1 1.22 1.80 3.17
2 2.44 3.60 6.34
3 3.66 5.40 9.51
4 4.88 7.20 10.0
Runtime in hours: Vest, gloves, footwear
consumption 33.4w 23.7w 14.0w
# of batteries 12V (5.0Ah) battery
Runtime in hours:Vest ONLY
1 5.72 8.11 11.9
2 11.4 16.2 23.8
3 17.2 24.3 35.7
4 22.8 32.5 47.6
Runtime in hours:Gloves ONLY (in pair)
consumption 17.8w 11.6w 6w
Temperature 60c45c 30c
1 2.51 3.84 7.43
2 5.01 7.69 14.9
3 7.52 11.5 22.3
4 10.0 15.4 29.7
Runtime in hours: Footwear ONLY (in pair)
consumption 8.1w 6.56w 4.2w
Temperature 70c 60c 50c
1 5.51 6.80 10.6
2 11.0 13.6 21.2
3 16.5 20.4 31.8
4 22.0 27.2 42.5
Runtime in hours: Vest and gloves (in pair)
consumption 25.6w 17.1w 9.8w
1 1.74 2.61 4.57
2 3.48 5.22 9.15
3 5.23 7.82 13.7
4 6.97 10.4 18.3
Runtime in hours: Vest, gloves, footwear
consumption 33.4w 23.7w 14.0w
1 1.32 1.89 3.20
2 2.65 3.77 6.39
3 3.97 5.66 9.59
4 5.29 7.54 12.8

Size Chart: One size fits most. Adjustable side strips to fits almost all body types. Fits narrow or petite body types 5ft (100 lbs) to wide body types 6ft+ (275 lbs) up 48” chest size or bustline. XXX-Large size vest available for chest size over 48" up to 65".

Accessories: We have custom designed and developed wire sets that allow you to connect to different types of motorized vehicles:

  • Connect to a motorcycle (power source from SAE trailer connector or directly to battery eyelets) 
  • Connect to snowmobile (power source from RCA jack), and bypass wire to heated gloves liners 
  • Connect to a standard 110V outlet (additional wall chargers are available as well)
read product manual



MotionHeat heated glove liners can be purchased with or without the batteries:

  1. COMPLETE SET (2 BATTERIES) [RECOMMENDED] $350.00 CAD/ $282.59 USD This is our complete set with a pair of Heated Work Gloves, 2 MotionPack battery packs, a charger, and a StickMan extension wire. The gloves were originally designed to be used with one battery exclusively with each hand. This provides the longest amount of run-time for all day use.
  2. GLOVES ONLY (NO BATTERY) $225.00 CAD / 173.90 USD You can purchase gloves on their own as an additional or replacement pair. Or, if you are a motorcycle or electric bike user, and you already have 12V power source, then you can use the gloves without our battery packs by plugging in directly to the bike.


MotionHeat gloves can be ordered from the stores and dealers listed below. If you are ready to purchase please have your hand size, shipping address, and credit card information ready.

Canada    USA
Canada    USA

 Store  Address
 PowerInMotion Storefront  Eau Claire Market Calgary: 176 - 200 Barclay Parade SW
 PowerInMotion Online Store  Canada: ca.itselectric.ca US: us.itselectric.ca
 Additional Dealers  
 e-store (Canada/US): itsmotionelectric.com
Eprider (GTA)  Toronto, ON, 416-237-0168, eprider.com
Redbike  Edmonton, AB, 780-435-2674, redbike.ca

International Orders: Call us at 403-233-8841 or Email info@powerinmotion.ca