Power in Motion is based in Calgary, AB, Canada and is a specialist in urban electric transportation and heated outerwear (MotionHeat division). We offer high-quality e-bikes, electric bike kits, electric bike services, and bike accessories. In addition, our heated outerwear division (Motion Heat) carries our in house developed heated glove liners, heated gloves, heated insoles, and heated vest to keep you warm and conquer cold weather.  We also have extensive battery experience and offer Lithium-ion battery packs for e-bikes and our heated apparel line.

PowerinMotion was the first company in Calgary to specialize in urban electric transportation. Our expanded line of products include hybrid electric bicycles, tricycles, cargo and folding bicycles to meet the demands of busy commuters and fun-seeking individuals.

Since 2001 we have sold electric bike conversion kits through our online store. Our direct drive hub motors have been successfully used in solar and electric car projects by both the University of Calgary and the University of British Columbia. In 2006 we tested one of our motor in a ride from Banff to Calgary, in Alberta, Canada on a rainy day, it was completed successfully within a 3 hour period. In 2008 it was also used by Penn State University in the Shell Eco-Marathon America Race where they won first place in the fuel cell division at 1,668 mpg. We are dedicated to assisting educational institutions in pursuing their research and development of electric vehicles.

We are proud to say that we are experts in this field and are happy to share our enthusiasm and product knowledge with the world. To date we have served customers in Canada, US, France, Brazil, Finland, New Zealand, and hope to broaden our market to some day say there is a product from our store in every Country worldwide.

These bikes are fun to ride! Our bikes are legal on public streets as long as you obey the municipal laws and speed limits.

We do ask as with all pieces of machinery that you put safety for yourself and others first at all times and please do wear a helmet.

Convenient ...

Tired of Overcrowding Commuting?

  • An electric bike will put a smile on your face again not to mention keeping your money in your pocket where it belongs.

Felling Less Mobile?

  • We have tricycles available.

Feeling Cramped?

  • Try a stretchable unit that fits in a trunk, yet doubles in size.

Cost Effective ....

Consider the costs of operating an electric bike?

  • No more Parking Fees
  • No License, Registration or Insurance
  • Almost no Maintenance Required
  • Cheap Fuel (About 10 cents per charge)

You will be pleasantly surprised as to how quickly the savings add up and before you know it they have paid for your bike in no time at all.

Cool ...

Let's face it, these bikes are fun to ride! Our bikes are legal on public streets as long as you obey the speed limits.  In most muicipalities they are also legal on the bike paths, we ask that you do check your municapilty laws for confirmation.

All of our bicycles meet the Motor Vehicle Safety Act standards for Power Assisted Bicycles!


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