Electric Trikes

Trikes are more balanced, Sturdy, and powerful then the average bicycle. This is because their three smaller wheels provide them with a lower center of gravity. An electric trike however, takes all those benefits to the max! An electric trikes gets you to your destination in half the time, with half the effort. You will be able to keep up with your family on Sunday bike rides, Or pick up groceries on your way back from work. Their are endless possibilities with an electric trike!

Electric Trikes | Calgary, Alberta, Edmonton 

 Electric Carriage Trike : $2,799

Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Weight Capacity
200kg (450lbs)
7 speed
35km Range
Wheel Size  
24in x 4.0"Front
20in x 4.0"Rear
This Electric trike comes equipped with thicker 24” front tire and 20” rear tires, giving you fantastic traction, and a strong center of gravity no matter the terrain. And, with strong baskets this trike is perfect for commuting to do your daily tasks with. Ride this trike with Pedal Assist for a mix of exercise and power, with the throttle if you’re in the mood to relax, or with no power for a traditional ride.




Electric Trike Conversion Kit, Electric Conversion Kit, 1000w, 750w 

  Bafang Midrive Conversion Kit: $1700 - $2500
"Create Your Ride"

Motor Choices
750w Mid Drive Motor
1000w Mid Drive Motor
Battery Choices 
48V 7Ah
48V 10Ah
48V 14Ah
48V 17Ah
Bring in a standard Trike and create an electric trike that suits your needs. With our conversion kit you will be able to make a trike that provides excellent range for those who want to go on longer casual rides. Or high levels of speed and power for those who want to use the bike to carry cargo. Even those looking to save money get a great deal out of a conversion kit.

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