Folding Bikes 101

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 Tern Verge D9 folding Bike Calgary

 Montague Paratrooper Pro Folding Bike Alberta


Folding bikes are rapidly gaining popularity as the ride of choice in many urban centers whether for daily commuting, vacationing or a weekend adventure.  They offer the versatility of owning one bike that can easily traverse stairs and be stored in most any vehicle type. 

With all the different options on today’s market, deciding on your next bike purchase can be an overwhelming decision.  We’ve tried to break it down for you here, to help you understand the important differences and what bike might be best for you.

Tern is quickly proving to be a force on the folding bike market. From their award winning Physis 3D handlepost and OCL joint, Tern puts effort thoughts into the protection of their bike as well as keeping its models simple built for easier service. Tern is perfect for customers looking for high robustness and protections in their bike.

Montague bikes are considered to be full-size folding bikes they offer 26” and 700c wheel sizes along with more speed than an average folding bike, this gives customer not only the look but the feel of a standard size bike. Another known fact is Montague has worked with the United States military to aid development of their bikes. Montague is a great choice for any avid biker that needs a bike that can handle variety terrain as well as maintaining the compactness of a folding bike for transportation.

Currently The City of Calgary allows 20" folding bikes on all buses and C-Trains during all service hours (including peak hours, if properly covered). For more information visit Calgary Transit.

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Paratrooper Pro folding bike Calgary YYC   Montague folding bike Calgary
 Tern Verge P9 Folding Bike Calgary  Tern folding bike Calgary
 Tern P24H Folding Bike Calgary  Tern Node D8 Folding Bike Calgary