Pandemic Supplies

Health Care & disinfection products

New at power In Motion! in order to support the community during these troubling times, we at power in motion have begun selling Face Masks and alternative Disinfectant options. As an alternative supplier we are hoping to provide supplies for those who are currently dealing with shortages, or are hoping to avoid the huge crowds at Costco, Walmart, and other suppliers. Currently we are working as fast as we can to bring in more supplies, so the avalibility of our products will change quickly. Please give us a call during our working hours (10-3 everyday but sunday) to see if we have the product you want in stock. Stay strong, and stay safe.


Disinfectant Generator


Disinfectant Generators are an efficent and safe way to keep your home and workspace clean, while avoiding the stress of overcrowded stores and worldwide shortages.


Facemasks are extra protection everyone who aims to stay safe and healthy should use. They provide a barrirer that will lower your chances of getting sick, while preventing you from spreading your sickness.


UV Sterilizers are another form of disinfectant that will have you avoiding huge crowds and shortages. Used primarily in healthcare these lights are optinum for disinfecting items you can't clean with normal methods.