Aqua Marina Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Aqua marina aims to create a range of inflatable Stand UP Paddleboards and kayaks that combined the latest technologies, high-performance materials with 100% dedication allow all levels of riders to reach and even surpass their maximum potential.The designers at Aqua Marina are creating products that allow users to break all the existing boundaries and play like a real pro no matter the location.


 Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Have a favorite bike that you'd like to ride more? Install an e-bike conversion kit and enjoy all the functions of a standard "factory" e-bike at much lower cost. E-bike kits also allow for conversion of trikes, recumbents and cargo bikes.


 Electric bikes

Factory-built electric bikes! No assembly required, just ready to go!


Electric Scooters

Electric foldable scooters can be easily stored or transported which make them a great choice for students, office workers, travelers, or anyone short on space. 


 Folding Bikes

Folding bikes can be easily stored or transported which make them a great choice for the traveling cyclist, or anyone short on space.  Our selection of folding bikes will suit the needs of both the casual rider and hard core cyclist.


 Fat Bikes

Fat Bikes are perfect for the all-season rider.  They glide over snow or sand and offer superior traction on all sorts of terrain.


 Standard Bikes

We carry a wide variety of traditional bicycles.  Whether you're looking for a speedy commuter or a stylish cruiser, we have the bike for you!