Service & Repair Policy

We offer all-year walk-in service, with fast turnaround times and high-quality service! Turnaround times range from 1 to 5 days in the summer and 3 to 7 days in the winter. Turnaround times vary depending on conditions such as; waiting times for parts, bike backlog, etc. If you wish to have a more precise timeframe please contact our storefront.

Learn About Some of the services we offer below:


Tune-Up Services

 Basic Bike Tune-Up - $95 True wheels, adjust bearing surfaces, adjust gears and brakes, safety check, check tires
Mid-Range Bike Tune-Up - $115 Basic Plus Repack Rear Wheel & Possibly Bottom Bracket or Headset or Pedals
Full-Service Bike Tune-Up - $200 100% Build Up; Rip down to Frame; Includes all services listed above. 

Wheel Services

Service Details

Brake Adjustment (Disk) - $8

Adjusting the front or rear brakes

Brake Cable Adjustment / Replacement (Disk)- $30

Adjusting or Replacing the Cables on the front or rear brakes

True Wheel / Spoke Tightening - $30

True Wheel/ Tighten Spokes on the front or rear wheel of a bike

Wheel Building - $90

Rebuilding the Wheel from the rim up

Drivetrain Services

Service Details

Gear Adjustment - $12

Adjusting the front or rear gears

Repair / Replace Broken Chain - $15

Repairing a broken bike chain, or removing and installing a new chain on a bike

Replace Shifter / Derailleur (Standard Bikes)

Removing old derailleur and installing a new one on a standard bike

Battery Services

Service Details

Capacity Test - $30

Load Test on the Battery, Battery will be left at the store and load tested overnight

Battery Diagnostics & Recovery - $75

Opening up the battery and performing a Load test, and slow charge on any bike brand battery

All prices are subject to change after calculation of the labor, or after adding the cost of new parts. Power In Motion reserves the right to refuse service if we deem it necessary. If you don't see the service you need, contact us and speak to one of our representatives to see if we can help.

Warranty Service

Warranty issues for customers of our stores are a top priority, please email us at, or call us at 403-233-8841 to discuss an appointment time for the quickest fixes. If you notice an issue on a bike you bought and believe it to be a warranty issue, quick action will lead to quick results!

If you had a bike shipped to your location / live outside of the Calgary area and are struggling to contact the manufacturer. Email our representatives at, who will assist you to the best of their abilities.