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Power in Motion

Electric Bike Conversion Kits! From Power In Motion

Electric Bike Conversion Kits! From Power In Motion

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  • Description
  • Description
  • A faster, and cheaper alternative to buying a new electric bike. With the same high level of quality. Power in Motion Offers Hub & Mid Drive conversion kits ranging from 250w to 1000w in power.

    Now with shipping options for those looking to install the kit themselves. 


    How does Pricing work?

    • Hub Motor: Motor Kit + Battery + Wheel Build
    • Mid Drive Motor: Motor Kit + Battery


    • Hub Motor: Free installation
    • Mid Drive Motor:  $150 for installation which includes a 1-year warranty and a 1-year free tune-up at our store

    Which Kit is best for me?

    • Hub Motor: Better for casual riders looking for a cheap alternative. Easier riding allows you to relax more when on a ride. While still keeping enough power to scale hills.
    • Mid Drive Motor: Better for individuals looking for more raw power! Hill Climbing, Load Carrying, Off-roading, and more have become effortless in the face of our Mid Drive Motors.


    More Info?

    Keep scrolling down, more information on the kits, batteries, and more can be found below! Or contact us at 403-233-8841 or email

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    What Is a Conversion Kit?

    What is a Mid-Drive Motor?

    A Mid-Drive motor is the second type of electric bike motor. located under the crank of the bike as opposed to in the wheel of the bike. 

    A Mid-Drive motor works with your bike's gears, providing you with more power when going up hills and more speed on flat roads depending on what gear your currently in. Many high quality electric bikes opt to use a Mid-Drive over a hub wheel due to it providing more power at similar wattage's.

    Our conversion kit batteries have a yet another advantage, they boast a higher wattage then the industry standard 250w and 500w motors. Making bikes with our conversion kits on them some of the strongest currently in the market.

    There are 3 ways to ride! 

    • RegularRide the bike without any power.  Or ride the bike in pedal assist mode 0.
    • Pedal AssistAs you pedal the motor will give you power and assist with your ride. There are 9 levels of pedal assistance as standard on our converted electric bikes.The levels can be altered, and each can have the acceleration or speed programmed to suit your riding needs.
    • Throttle: The throttle will activate the motor without the need to pedal. Your speed in this mode can be set to act according to what pedal assist mode you’re in. Or it can have its own settings based on what the user wants.

    Optimize your ride!

    By changing your chain ring, you can optimize your converted bike to suit all of your needs.

    • First / Small Chain Ring:  Powers up the Bike, with increased torque to help you up hills or through rougher terrains. Best for those who are interested in going places where most bikes would not be able to reach
    • Second / Medium Chain Ring: The standard size, it offers a fantastic mixture of power and speed making city and trail riding a breeze no matter what obstacles you face. Best for those who are interested in commuting, or weekend rides.
    • Third / Large Chain Ring: The thrill of speed, with this chain ring you will be blazing a path through any location you choose to ride. Best suited for thrill rides, or commuters wanting to save on time

    Choose Your Settings!

    Our Bafang Mid-Drive kits come with various different Settings for you to choose from. For those looking for a more peaceful commute, we can give you a slower accelerating bike without sacrificing on its overall power. While for those who want a thrill, we can raise the acceleration and speed giving you a bike that can go head to head with some of the fastest factory electric bike!

     Examples of Possible Conversion eBikes.... 

    • Tandem bikes tandem ebike
    • Recumbent  Bikes
    • Small Frame (15")  Bikes women ebike
    • Comfort Bikes
    • City Bikes 
    • And Much More!

    e bike conversion

    How to Choose a Conversion

    1. Choose the Motor you want.

    Consider what you would use your converted bike for / what you value most. If you are riding more casually or aiming for a cheaper option. The BBS02 provides the best mix of power and value. The BBSHD is for people with fat bikes, or those looking to ride up steeper hills or maintain their speed easier. 

    2. Choose A Battery That Suits Your Needs.

    Next choose a battery based off your needs. while remembering higher voltage batteries provide more power, and higher AH batteries provide more range.

     36v 48v 52v
    Low cost, with less power then the average E-bike in the market. Main advantage is its lower cost, smaller size, and lighter weight. The average size for E-bike batteries in the market. Main advantage is its Balanced mix of power, and cost. High cost, with More power then the average E-bike in the market. Main advantage is its power.

     Note: 52v batteries do not work with BBS02 Motors, and are rare. Please talk to us if you are interested in this option. 36v Batteries do not work with the BBSHD.


    7 Ah  Range of 30km, good for low cost conversion kits
    10 Ah Range of 50Km, good for commuter conversion Kits
    14 Ah Range of 65Km, good for BBSHD and / or long range commuter bikes
    17 Ah Range of 80km, good for high range / high power conversion kits.

    Note: only 14Ah and up batteries work with BBSHD conversion kits

    3. Accessorize!

    This is for those who are looking for setups different then our normal conversion kits. We offer;

    • Different Front Chainrings to change your bikes overall torque or speed
    • Different types of throttles dependent on your needs,
    • Different displays so you can personalize your bike
    • and much more!

    Make sure to ask us if there is something you want done on your conversion. We will see if its possible for us to do.

    Note: above options are dependent on both stock status, and if your bike allows for the installations of the accessory you are looking for. 

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