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Montague - RackStand

Montague - RackStand

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  • 6 Functions in 1

    RackStand™ is a new concept in bicycle rack systems. It is a luggage carrier, mudguard, kickstand, and work stand all in one. It even makes folding and storing your folded bike easier. A quick-release allows it to rotate under the rear wheel on a specially designed axle mount. When in the lowered position it acts as a kickstand or workstand, stabilizes your bike to make folding easier, and allows the folded bike to be stored or displayed upright.

    Installation & Use

    RackStand connects to the rear axle on a standard quick-release hub. A replacement skewer is all that’s needed for attachment.


    The front latch attaches to the seat tube and just a push of the lever will allow you to rotate it to the lowered position under the wheel. When returning the rack to the upright position for riding, it automatically locks into place.

    Folded Convenience

    When your folded bike rests on RackStand it can be stored up-right in your closet or in the corner of the train. It’s easier to tuck away out of sight but also makes for a beautiful way to display your Montague bike. The crankset and pedals is also protected from scraping on the ground


    Front Fender

    RackStand’s matching front fender has the ability to fold down when the front wheel is removed. It rests flush with the front fork to give you the smallest possible folded size for your bike. You’ll stay clean and dry on even the worst weather days.

  • Specifications

  • Cargo

    Finally a rear rack was designed specifically for Montague bikes. It doesn’t interfere with folding and lets you carry all your precious cargo.

    Mud Guard

    RackStand has an integrated rear fender to keep you clean and dry, and every RackStand equipped Montague comes with a matching front fender.

    Kickstand & Workstand

    Flip the Rack stand to its lowered position under the rear wheel, and it acts as a kickstand or a work stand for easy drivetrain adjustments.

    Folding & Storage

    A rack stand is like a helping hand, holding the bike up while you fold it. And once folded, the bike rests perfectly on the stand.

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