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Segway SuperScooter GT1

Segway SuperScooter GT1

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  • Description
  • Specifications 
  • Description
  • Speed, range, and style with the GT1

    From its slick design to its high speed and long range, the GT1 specs are truly top-end. With a modern, sophisticated look, you can take the GT1 to work or school, or rev things up and keep it sporty.

    3000W Rear-Wheel-Drive Air Cooled Hub Motor

    The one-hub motor reaches 3000W maximum motor power and 50Nm peak torque, reaching an exciting 37.3mph top speed and accelerating from 0-30mph in 7.5 seconds.


    1008Wh High-Performance Battery

    Segway engineered a 1008Wh high-performance battery with a Heat Flux Multi-Layer Cooling System to balance the heat generated in even the most furious driving conditions.


    Front Double Wishbone Suspension

    GT series includes the supercar level front double wishbone suspension structure, ensuring suspension stability and superior handling.


    Rear Trailing Arm Suspension

    The rear trailing arm suspension structure is built like a high-end motorcycle, providing an agile suspension and comfortable driving experience.


    Hydraulic Shocks

    The GT series is equipped with front & rear 15-level damping adjustable hydraulic shocks, which can be personalized according to the terrain. Whether you’re on a flat asphalt road, or an off-road exploration on country lanes, your GT will always be in the perfect state.


    Hydraulic Disc Brake

    To ensure a powerful braking performance no matter the intensity of the driving conditions, the GT series is equipped with 0.8-inch front & rear dual-pistons, a 5.5-inch diameter hydraulic disc brake, and a 0.1-inch perforated brake pad.


    Self-Sealing Tires

    The GT series is equipped with 11-inch by 3.6-inch tubeless tires with a unique self-sealing function, providing an ultimate road-gripping capacity and minimizing any risk of tire punctures in any road condition.


    Aluminum Alloy Frame

    An aircraft-grade, lightweight aluminum alloy frame is used in all GT series to ensure the best body durability in extreme conditions.


    Digital LED Display

    The GT1 digital LED display shows Speed, Motor Power Bar, Battery Life, Drive Mode, Lighting and more.


    900 Lumens LED Light

    The GT series includes a 900 lumens LED headlight, LED daylight, and a front & rear turn light.


    Ambient Lights

    GT series scooters include optional rear ambient lights. Drivers can choose from 11 light modes on the Segway app.


    Double Safety Quick-Folding Structure

    A safe, solid folding rod means your GT scooter can be easily folded down and stored in a small or narrow space. 


  • Specifications 
    • 34.3mph Top Speed
    • 0-30 mph in 7.5 seconds
    • 43.5 Mile Range
    • Digital Display
    • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Build
    • 4 Speed Modes
    • Double Wishbone Suspension Structure
    • 11-inch Anti Puncture Tubeless Tires
    • Front and Rear Dampener Adjustable Suspension
    • Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake

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