Power in Motion is based in Calgary, AB, Canada and is a specialist in urban electric transportation and heated outerwear (MotionHeat division). We offer high-quality e-bikes, electric bike kits, electric bike services, and bike accessories. In addition, our heated outerwear division (Motion Heat) carries our in house developed heated glove liners, heated gloves, heated insoles, and heated vest to keep you warm and conquer cold weather.  We also have extensive battery experience and offer Lithium-ion battery packs for e-bikes and our heated apparel line.

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 Welcoming the lightweight electric skateboards from Flux!

Lightweight and ultra thin electric longboards,Enjoy the exhilarating freedom of the open road with multiple speed settings: Eco, Cruising and Turbo. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the day around you with silent in-wheel electric motors.




 The Utility Of A Car, With The Benefits Of A Bike.

The Tern GSD S00 is a power cargo bike with the ability to carry up to 440lb’s. With its German made Bosch motor, the bike has an extremely smooth acceleration down roads and up hills. And with a low center of gravity thanks to its 20” wheels, even if your biking at full capacity the bike will be balanced. Lots of parents in cities have turned to the Tern GSD as a car replacement, using it to pick of groceries, commute to work, and to travel with children. And thanks the GSD S00’s huge catalog of accessories, you will always be ready to face whatever obstacles you face.




 Experience Summer In A New Way With One Of Our Conversion Kits!

With our Mid-Drive conversion kit you can create an electric bike that suits your specific needs from a frame you can already own! Cruise through the city with a 50km range battery and a 750w motor, or Blaze a path through the trails with a 1000w motor and an 80km range battery! The choice is all yours, so there is no need for hesitation! Revolutionize your ride today!



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