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Fall Clearance Sale - Huge End-of-Season Savings on Several Electric Bikes!
2015 RSD Mayor Fat Bike
2015 Norco BigFoot 6.2 Fat Bike
Electric, folding and recumbent bikes
Power In Motion - Electric / Folding / Fat Bike Experts
Montague Paratrooper (and other folding bikes) has landed!
tern verge x10 folding bike
Take a New Tern - come in and see the new folding bikes!
BionX SL350 "Premium Series"
BionX SL350 48V "Premium Series" conversion kit
MegaMotion kit with 500w motor
MegaMotion kit (500w motor, 37V-10.5Ah battery)
Cannondale Recumbent with MegaMotion kit
Cannondale recumbent with MegaMotion kit

PowerinMotion can power-up your bike and increase your mobility and range! Hills or headwinds will seem like a breeze and you don't have to sweat (unless you want to).

You can convert your own bike or we can do it for you. Either way there will be no more costs for licensing, registration, insurance, gas or parking.

Check our site and see what's new. Visit us in Calgary's Eau Claire Market and take a test ride on any of our pedal-only or electric-assist bikes.

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The BigFoot Fat Bikes has landed in Calgary - Wednesday, August 27, 2014

We just received 2015 Norco BigFoot Fat Bikes, together with RSD Mayor Fat Bikes.  Are you ready for the ride this coming winter?

2014 Bike Fest - Saturday, May 31, 2014

Please come and join us for 2014 Bike Fest.

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Heated Gloves Have Arrrived - Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Our highly anticipated MotionHeat gloves have finally arrived! These gloves will keep your hands toasty on the coldest winter days! These thin gloves act as liners between your hands and regular gloves. These gloves are essential for winter riding or skiing. Come by our store to try on a pair. NOTE:We are currently out of stock on the batteries. They will be arriving in the first week of November.

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EasyMotion Bikes Have Arrived! - Monday, October 21, 2013

Effective Oct, 2013, we are now partnered with EasyMotion electric bikes. The bikes have a sleek design with the battery built into the frame and a geared motor for stealth factor. You can power it by throttle or pedal-assist. Just pedal the bike and the motor will help you. They are easy to lift even with the motors. All EasyMotion bikes come with a 2 year warranty. Come by our store to see these new bikes!

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Montague Shipment Has Arrived! - Sunday, October 20, 2013

Most bike shops are reducing their inventory, we are totally opposite. Here is our recently fully loaded Montague shipment that arrived at the end of Sept. 40% of it has already been sold!

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Power In Motion on Calgary Herald - Sunday, February 17, 2013

Article on Calgary Herald about our MOTIONheat rechargeable heated gloves!

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