Low Cost Electric Bikes

Stylish and affordable! These bikes are perfect for individuals looking to get the best deal out of their electric bike. And, with our vast amount of accessories and upgradable parts you can build a bike to suit your needs!

All season, Electric dual suspension mountain fatbike  

 LYNX : $1,945
Full Suspension Ebike

Trktro, Hydralic Disc
7 speed
Bike Weight 
25kg (56lbs)
Wheel Size 
27.5 x 3"
35v 10.4ah

The LYNX is a dual suspension electric mountain bike perfect for tearing up the trails, or the occasional summer ride. Whatever path you take it will always provide you a comfortable trip! With its 3 inch tires you can ride no matter what conditions you face. So don’t be afraid to go where you never thought possible with the LYNX!


Hiko Pulse, Step Through City Commuter Electric Bike 

 Hiko Pulse : $1,999
Low Cost, High Range

Tektro Disc
7 speed
Bike Weight 
25kg (55lbs)
Wheel Size 
48v, 14.5ah
The Pulse Low Step commuter electric bike was designed and engineered for the urban rider who values quality, performance and thoughtful design. Its highly technical, sleek and super strong hydroformed aluminum frame will give you a feeling of a luxurious and smooth riding experience. Range can be up to 80 km if riding in the Eco mode, or as low as 50 km if riding on the fastest setting with load capacity of 286.6 lbs (130 kg). LCD detailed display shows you the all the trip information you need, including total km traveled, max km available, and average km/h.


Electric Trike Conversion Kit, Electric Conversion Kit, 1000w, 750w 

  Bafang Midrive Conversion Kit: $1700 - $2500
"Create Your Ride"

Motor Choices
750w Mid Drive Motor
1000w Mid Drive Motor
Battery Choices 
48V 7Ah
48V 10Ah
48V 14Ah
48V 17Ah
Bring in a standard Bike and install one of our conversion kits to get the power and speed of a high quality electric bike at a lower price! The Standard bafang 750w midrive motor gives all of our electric bikes a great value. And you can lower costs by choosing our smallest battery. In terms of value their is no better deal then our Midrive Conversion Kit.

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