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Limitations on your riding? Old bike with no use? Want to keep up?

Power in Motion can help you achieve answers and put the fun back into riding.

The electric conversion gives you the option to:

  • Cruise your way to the destination on a throttle
  • Pedal assist to work for your power
  • If you are feeling good and want a challenge simply turn power off

*Introduction E-BIKE KITS*

The conversion kits allow you to convert a standard bicycle into an electric bicycle.  The first step in converting your bike is deciding how much  assist you would like.  The electric bike kit contains 3 main components:

  1. Electric Motor
  2. Controller
  3. Throttle

An -bike kit with a smaller motor would be more suitable for assistance, whereas a more powerful motor can be used for most applications with little cyclist input. Once you have decided on which motor kit you would like, you must choose a suitable battery to power your system. 


Power in Motion Conversion Kits

Power in Motion's own conversion kits have been developed after extensive testing in the areas of power, efficiency and reliability. The Pica (250W) & Mega (500W) conversion kits provide a full spectrum of e-bike kits which will suit the needs of the recreational rider, the dedicated e-biker and everyone in between.  A wide range of power levels are available from our PIM conversion kits.

BionX Conversion Kits

The BionX product incorporates four assistance modes and four regenerative modes, adding additional flexibility and functionality to your e-bike experience.  Power to the motor is provided in proportion the pressure applied to the pedals.


CLICK the PIM or BionX logo to learn more about our kits!

Power in Motion eBike Kits (MegaMotion) BionX E-bike Kits from Power In Motion


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