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Heated Wear


"New Technology Tames Cold Canadian Winter". One layer of light material with interwoven carbon fibers and a new high capacity lithium power pack have warm comfort replacing shivering cold.

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                    MOTIONHeat rechargeable heated gloves

MOTIONHeat  Battery Heated Fleece Vest

 POWERinMOTION, has a long history of developing electric bike components including high-tech batteries. We have spent many hours of R&D to understand battery technology inside and out and invented testing / instrumentation to prove the technology. We have now leveraged this knowledge to develop the MOTIONHeat™ product line.

Too cold in winter? Try Calgary.

PowerInMotion's owner regularly rides his electric bike to work and he wanted to be comfortable in all seasons. We found some heated jackets and gloves that could work, but the heat was too weak and didn't last. We needed more power, longer life, and we needed all components to be standard (2.1mm DC connector), interchangeable, flexible, and work well in cold weather. After extensive testing in -25C (-13F) weather in Calgary, Alberta, we have found the right electric fabric heat technology and matched it with the right battery. Now we have a heat-wear system proven to work!

The Best New Design (Electric Heat Woven into the Fabric)

The old heating technologies are bulky and you can't wash them. They were hard to wear because of poor design, fabric choice, and had copper wire inside the jacket. Our system uses the latest technology carbon fiber as the heating element. It has a soft-touch electronic silicon switch so there are no rigid circuit boards inside. It's soft, flexible, washable, and safe!

New Battery Technology (Lithium Power)

We have selected the lightest weight, highest output battery possible and built a system that allows it to be interchangeable with different products. Whether you have heated gloves, a vest, or even our high intensity LED lighting systems, you can now use the same battery pack. Our goal is to make a flexible system of products that can be used for multiple purposes.