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Order in a City, Road, Comfort, or Commuter Bicycle!

Buy a brand new bike from us at Power in Motion. With short ETA's of 3-4 weeks and the ability to cancel orders risk free. The bike would be shipped directly to you, and you would be able to contact us for any support questions or concerns.

Bikes Avalible for Sale at Power In Motion, Shipping across Canada | Ontario | British Columbia | Quebec | Alberta | Newfoundland | P E I | Calgary | Edmonton | Lethbridge

All of our Canadian Shipping rates are discounted by $100, and we even offer shipping of bikes to the United States. 

Why buy a used bike, and spend hundreds restoring it to its former glory? A brand new bike would not only mean you get to ride it while its still in peak condition. But if you ever wanted to sell it, the value would be vastly higher then selling a bike you already bought used. 

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We are here to talk to you so if you have any questions, use the chat function to contact us and we will be right there to help answer any and all questions you may have!


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