Test Ride

Try it, before you buy it!

Visit our Calgary storefront to test ride any of the bikes we have in stock. We are located at the Eau Claire market and are near many bike paths. Test the Torque of our electric bikes on Crescent hill to see just how powerful the bikes in our catalog are. For our Tern HSD and GSD’s try out accessories such as the sidekick seat pad, clubhouse, and Thule Yepp Maxi Seat! Make sure the system works for you and your family! Power in Motion has a wide range of bike Brands like iGo, Surface 604, BTN, Tern, Montague all equipped with different power systems such as Bafang, Bosch, and Shirmano! With so many brands and bikes to choose from, let the bikes speak for themselves. Come in to our storefront and speak with our staff to see about test riding one of our bikes today!

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Rules and Limitations

Make sure to bring a drivers license & credit card. And, be prepared to sign a waiver form. We at Power in Motion do not offer bike rentals. So we will reserve the right to not allow a test ride in a case to case basis. The bikes available for test rides are the ones currently on the show floor. Please contact us before hand to confirm if the bike you are interested in is prebuilt and ready for a ride.

Why Shop at Power In Motion?

Electric Bike Store in Calgary

Welcome to Power In Motion, the premier electric bike store in Calgary! Serving the area for over 15 years, we offer a wide selection of e-bikes, e-scooters, and watercraft motors.

Explore top brands like Tern, known for their compact folding designs, iGo's versatile models, Riese & Müller's high-performance e-bikes, and Montague's advanced folding bikes. Perfect for Calgary's urban commuting and rugged trails.

Check out our eco-friendly electric scooters, innovative Bixpy watercraft motors, and our Motion Heat Heated Glove products for chilly days. Visit our Calgary storefront for expert repairs and local support. Power In Motion is your go-to destination for e-mobility in Calgary!