Electric Bike Kit Options

Choose from a wide range of Hub Motors, Mid Drive Motors, and Batteries to create your perfect custom electric bike!

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How to Choose a Conversion

1. Choose the Motor you want.

Consider what you would use your converted bike for / what you value most. If you are riding more casually or aiming for a cheaper option. The BBS02 provides the best mix of power and value. The BBSHD is for people with fat bikes, or those looking to ride up steeper hills or maintain their speed easier. 

2. Choose A Battery That Suits Your Needs.

Next choose a battery based off your needs. while remembering higher voltage batteries provide more power, and higher AH batteries provide more range.

 36v 48v 52v
Low cost, with less power then the average E-bike in the market. Main advantage is its lower cost, smaller size, and lighter weight. The average size for E-bike batteries in the market. Main advantage is its Balanced mix of power, and cost. High cost, with More power then the average E-bike in the market. Main advantage is its power.

 Note: 52v batteries do not work with BBS02 Motors, and are rare. Please talk to us if you are interested in this option. 36v Batteries do not work with the BBSHD.


7 Ah  Range of 30km, good for low cost conversion kits
10 Ah Range of 50Km, good for commuter conversion Kits
14 Ah Range of 65Km, good for BBSHD and / or long range commuter bikes
17 Ah Range of 80km, good for high range / high power conversion kits.

Note: only 14Ah and up batteries work with BBSHD conversion kits

3. Accessorize!

This is for those who are looking for setups different then our normal conversion kits. We offer;

  • Different Front Chainrings to change your bikes overall torque or speed
  • Different types of throttles dependent on your needs,
  • Different displays so you can personalize your bike
  • and much more!

Make sure to ask us if there is something you want done on your conversion. We will see if its possible for us to do.

Note: above options are dependent on both stock status, and if your bike allows for the installations of the accessory you are looking for. 

What Is a Conversion Kit?

Unlock the Power of Conversion Kits for Your Bike

Curious about what a conversion kit is and how it can transform your regular bike into a powerful electric machine? Let's dive in!

First, let's talk about the two types of electric bike motors: Mid-Drive motors and Hub motors.

  • A Hub motor is an e-bike motor located directly in the wheel. This type of motor is perfect for casual riders who prefer a simple and straightforward riding experience. Since the motor is not connected to the bike's gear system, it always operates at 100% power. This means that you don't have to worry about changing gears while riding, making it a convenient choice for riders who prefer a more relaxed approach to cycling.
  • On the other hand, the Mid-Drive motor, as mentioned earlier, is situated under the bike's crank. It works in conjunction with the bike's gears, providing enhanced power when climbing hills and increased speed on flat roads. This type of motor is often favored by top-quality electric bikes due to its ability to deliver superior power output at similar wattages. With a Mid-Drive motor, you can experience a more dynamic and efficient ride, especially if you enjoy tackling various terrains and challenging routes.

Our conversion kit batteries offer yet another advantage – they boast a higher wattage compared to the industry standard 250w and 500w motors. This means that bikes equipped with our conversion kits are some of the strongest and most capable on the market.

Now, let's explore the three ways to ride with our conversion kits:

  1. Regular Mode: Ride your bike without any electric power assistance.
  2. Pedal Assist Mode: As you pedal, the motor kicks in to provide additional power and assistance. With 9 levels of pedal assistance, you can customize the acceleration and speed to match your riding style and needs.
  3. Throttle Mode: Activate the motor without pedaling. You can set the speed to correspond with the pedal assist mode or adjust it based on your preferences.

But that's not all! Optimize your converted bike further by changing the chain ring. Here are your options:

  • First/Small Chain Ring: Experience increased torque for conquering hills and challenging terrains. Perfect for adventurous riders seeking off-road trails and exceptional performance.
  • Second/Medium Chain Ring: The standard size that offers a perfect balance of power and speed, making city and trail riding a breeze. Ideal for commuters and weekend adventurers.
  • Third/Large Chain Ring: Unleash the thrill of speed as you blaze through any location you choose to ride. Perfect for those seeking an exhilarating ride or time-conscious commuters.

But wait, there's more! Our Bafang Mid-Drive kits come with a range of customizable settings. If you prefer a peaceful commute, we can adjust the acceleration for a smoother ride without compromising overall power. For the thrill-seekers, we can increase the acceleration and speed, putting you on par with some of the fastest factory electric bikes available.

Ready to convert your bike into something extraordinary? Our conversion kits are compatible with various bike types, including tandem bikes, recumbent bikes, small frame bikes for women, comfort bikes, city bikes, and much more. The possibilities are endless!

Experience the joy of electric biking with our conversion kits. Optimize your ride, embrace new adventures, and enjoy the power at your fingertips.

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