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Surface 604 electric bikes are high quality entry level bikes. With a smooth natural acceleration in combination with powerful hub motors. Surface 604 bikes make every ride easy and fun no matter if your located in the city, or in a more rural town. Their bikes all come with high quality breaks, snifters, front suspension, seats and more. Come learn more about Surface 604 at Power In Motion Today! Surface 604

Adventures Made to Be Easy.

Surface 604 bikes come equiped with a powerful 500w motor. Letting their bikes scale hills with ease. Use Surface 604's responsive pedal assist System or throttle the entire way, the choice is yours! Gone are the days of sweaty riding.

It's 2020 We Use Torque Sensors

An electric bike is only as good as it's propulsion system. That's why Suface 604 has equiped every single one of their bikes with the most sophisticated torque sensors on the market. Gone are the days of simple cadence sensors.

Heres Why Others Choose Surface 604

Proudly Canadian - Designed here, engineered here, ridden all over.

Smoothest ride - Fully intergrated torque sensor for whisper smooth ride quality

Accessories Galore - Packed with great features to love now and ready for easy upgrades to enjoy later.

Easy Maintenance - Interchangeable components between all models, simplified wiring and well protected components allow our bikes to be easy to work on for any skill set.