Service Restrictions

Power in Motion will not service any brands not sold by our store. Please contact the original place of purchase or the original manufacturer. We will reserve the right to refuse service to any customer based on their orientation, and actions at any time. Please understand that the electric product market is extremely complex, and you should take into account warranty, repairs, and extra parts when purchasing an electric product used or online.

·        For Costco or Direct to consumer Igo and Surface 604 customers.

Please contact the original manufacturer before visiting our store to confirm they will cover the cost for labor and/or parts. Once we have a copy of the approval letter and have agreed on the terms of the repair we will begin work.

·        For Segway customers

              We only cover the warranty costs of scooters and items bought by our customers. This is due to us purchasing the parts at higher prices to best serve our customers. Please contact Segway before visiting us if you did not buy the part from us. Or please understand we will have to charge you the cost of our parts and labor.

·        Tern and Montague Customers

Please ensure that the Serial number and on tern bikes the service number are both still visible.

·        Aqua Marina

We offer Warranty repairs and service for only our customers

·        Brands not listed, but you purchased from us

              Please contact us at with your issue, and product name, as a customer we will do our best to help repair your bike and provide solutions to your issues.