The Benefit of an Electric Bike During Hard Financial Times

The Benefit of an Electric Bike During Hard Financial Times

With hard times upon us, many would consider an electric bike an useless purchase. And, a waste of money that could have been used elsewhere. And, we are here to offer a different viewpoint.

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Electric bikes are first and foremost a secondary form transportation. They use electricity as a fuel source which is currently significantly cheaper than gas, and their service costs are exponentially more affordable then a cars average service cost. You avoid traffic, turning your daytime and nighttime commutes from stressful experiences into calmer one you may come to enjoy. And most of all you avoid any and all parking costs and potential thefts in the downtown core.

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As a commuter myself using the iGO Outland Royal. My stress around gas prices, parking costs, theft costs, and more have all been reduced. Especially since the Royal can fold down. Which means I can keep it close to me both at work and at home.

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We would seriously recommend those who are struggling to look into saving for some cheaper ebikes like the iGO Vendome, iGO Camillen, iGO Royal, or BTN Lynx. Or looking to invest into a 250, 350, or 500w conversion kit on their bike frame.  


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