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What is a Conversion Kit?

What Is a Hub Motor on an E-Bike?

A hub motor is built into the wheel of an e-bike and is ideal for those who enjoy a hassle-free ride. This motor type operates independently of the bike’s gears, providing consistent power without the need for gear shifts. It's a top choice for casual riders seeking simplicity and ease in their cycling experience.

What Is a Mid-Drive Motor on an E-Bike?

A mid-drive motor is located at the bike's crank, integrating seamlessly with the bike’s gears. This configuration boosts power on hills and speed on flat surfaces, making it ideal for versatile terrains. Preferred by high-end electric bikes, a mid-drive motor enhances ride efficiency and dynamics, perfect for riders who face diverse and challenging routes.

Do Conversion Kits Include Pedal Assist and Throttle Options?

Yes, our conversion kits offer versatile riding modes:

  • Regular Mode: Ride manually without electric assistance.
  • Pedal Assist Mode: Engage the motor while pedalling for boosted power, customizable across 3,5, or 9 levels to suit your speed and style.
  • Throttle Mode: Use the motor alone to control speed without pedalling, adjustable to your preferences.

What Do Customers Say About Their Conversion Kits?

How Do Conversion Kits Compare to Prebuilt Electric Bikes?

Can I Convert My Handcycle into an Electric Bike?

How To Choose a Conversion Kit!

How Do I Choose the Best Motor for My Bike Conversion?

Selecting the right motor for your e-bike conversion depends on your intended use and priorities:

  • 250W Hub Motor: Ideal for casual riders seeking great value and minimal weight, this motor offers just enough power and is exceptionally lightweight at only 2 pounds, while remaining durable.
  • 500W Hub Motor: Perfect for those who want performance comparable to traditional e-bikes, offering robust torque that matches many models on the market.
  • 750W BBS02 Mid Drive Motor: Suitable for pulling cargo or intense mountain biking, providing high torque levels comparable to top-tier mid-drive bikes.
  • 1000W BBSHD Mid Drive Motor: Designed for heavy-duty use, professional cargo handling, fun rides, or converting a fat bike into an electric bike. This motor excels in power and versatility.

How Do I Choose the Right Battery for My E-Bike Conversion?

Selecting the ideal battery depends on your power needs and desired range:

  • 36V Batteries: Offer a low-cost option with less power than the average e-bike. Advantages include lower cost, smaller size, and lighter weight.
  • 48V Batteries: The standard in e-bike batteries, providing a balanced mix of power and cost.
  • 52V Batteries: High cost, offering more power than average. Main advantage is its superior power. Note: 52V batteries are incompatible with BBS02 motors or any hub motors and are rare. Please consult us if interested.

Battery Capacity Choices:

  • 7 Ah: Provides a range of up to 30km; ideal for low-cost conversion kits.
  • 10 Ah: Delivers a range of up to 50km; great for commuter conversion kits.
  • 14 Ah: Ensures a range of up to 65km; suitable for BBSHD motors or long-range commuter bikes.
  • 17 Ah: Offers a range of up to 80km; best for high-power, long-range conversion kits.

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What Options Do I Have to Accessorize and Personalize My Converted Bike?

You can customize your bike to suit your unique style and performance needs with our range of accessories:

  • Chainrings: Choose different front chainrings to adjust the bike’s torque or speed.
  • Throttles: Select from various throttle types based on your riding preferences.
  • Displays: Personalize your bike with different display options to suit your taste.

Plus, we offer many more customization options! If you have specific requirements or ideas, don't hesitate to ask. We're here to help make your bike perfectly tailored to you.