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Bafang BBS02 & BBSHD Motor Kit Only

Bafang BBS02 & BBSHD Motor Kit Only

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  • Conversion Kit ComponentWhat is a Mid-Drive Motor?

    A Mid-Drive motor is the second type of electric bike motor located under the crank of the bike. The motor works with your gears, so you can get more power when going up hills and more speed on flat roads than with a hub motor of the same wattage. That’s why many high-quality electric bikes opt to use a Mid-Drive over a hub wheel. Our conversion kit batteries have a second advantage, they boast a higher wattage than the industry standard 250w and 500w motors making bikes with our conversion kits on them some of the strongest out there.

    There are 3 Ways to Ride!

    Regular – Ride the bike without any power.

    Pedal Assist – As you pedal the motor will give you the power and assist with your ride. There are 9 levels of pedal assistance from which to choose, and each can have the acceleration or speed programmed to suit your riding needs.

    Throttle – Press and go! The throttle will activate the motor without the need to pedal. Your speed in this mode can be set to act according to what pedal-assist mode you’re in. Or it can have its own settings based on what the user wants.

    The conversion kit also comes with a display that allows you to see your speed, battery level, and pedal assist level.

    Choose Your Settings!

    Our Bafang Mid-Drive kits come with various different settings for you to choose from. For those looking for a more peaceful commute, we can give you a slower accelerating bike without sacrificing its overall power. While for those who want a thrill, we can raise the acceleration and speed giving you a bike that can go head to head with some of the fastest factory electric bikes!

    We do not sell or ship our conversion kits for home installation, The installation must be done on-site by our staff.

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