Collection: Fat Bikes

A fat bike is a bicycle with over-sized tires, typically 3.25" width or larger, that offer greater traction than traditional bikes on loose or slick surfaces. Fat bikes are constructed using frames with large forks and wide dropouts (typically 197mm) to accommodate their huge rims and tires.

Fat Bikes offer a different way to ride by rolling over and through the most challenging terrain.  The large tires act as a suspension system for a smooth ride and can traverse anything from rocks and mud to ice and snow.

Fat Bikes are ideal for the all-season rider, whether you’re looking for a winter adventure in the mountains or trying to make it to work in 15cm of fresh snow.  The wide tire provides increased traction and grips the road in slushy and slippery conditions.  Fat Bikes can also be equipped with studded tires for the ultimate winter riding experience