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iGo is a Canadian electric bike company that always provides an accessible option for entry-level bikes. With their long-range batteries, app connections, and various different wheel and frame sizes. There is and iGo Electric bikes for all sizes, ages, and price ranges. The iGo Outland Royal and Core Extreme 3.0 are both Fat bikes with great affordability! The iGo Callimielen and iGo Vendome as fantastic lightweight electric road bikes! Explore the fantastic commuter bikes from the iGo Discovery series of bikes. The iGo Atwater, iGo Bonaventure, and small frame electric bike the iGo Berri. Mountain bikes are also in IGO's electric bike lineup, with the iGo Laurentian and iGo Oka. Wherever you are in Canada iGo has dealer support available to help you with your problems!

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iGO Electric was founded in 2006  when an electric forklift reseller with mechanical intrigue and his passion for cycling came together. On a buying trip overseas, two of iGO’s founders discovered one of the first electric scooters.

Fourteen years later, iGO Electric is crewed by a dedicated team of designers, engineers, and sales staff. Driven by a decade’s worth of industry experience and customer feedback, the goal is simple: creating the highest quality product at an affordable price. It’s a collaboration of passion and excellence that goes into every iGO e-bike built since 2006.


iGO Electric is based in Montreal, Quebec - an epicenter for technology, industrial design, and cycling passion. We source local talent to design, engineer, and market our products and to help bring to life our belief in an active, sustainable future. This allows us to work in real-time, offer quick and effective customer service and ensure that the quality of the product is always up to the standards our customers have come to expect from an iGO Electric product. 


iGO was created in 2006.
Our goal in business is simple, to offer the highest quality product at an affordable price with extreme service. 
As one of Canada’s largest sellers of e-bikes & with thousands now sold we pride ourselves in designing all of our models in house in Montreal, Canada. Every product is a collaboration between our team & our customers who work together in creating the next best iGO. Our bikes are elegant and sophisticated and are always improved to the next best technology and ideas.


It’s an exciting time to be part of the global electric revolution. iGO has always been at the forefront of the electric bike industry and will shortly introduce a variety of new active and responsible products in electric mobility.

They are an environmental, and sustainable approach that will encourage the non-electric population into a mobility lifestyle. The future is electric.