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Motion Heat

Heated Glover Liner & Mitten Bundles

Heated Glover Liner & Mitten Bundles

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  • Description
  • Description
  • Features:

    • 🕐 Long Lasting: 3 hours (high) / 9 hours (low) with 12v 3.2Ah batteries
    •  🔥ULTRAHOT 12V and 16V batteries getting up to 60°C / 140°F
    •  ✋ Full Hand Heating:  Even warmth across the back of your hand, fingers, and thumb
    • 🏔️ Portable Design: Compact & Easy-to-use
    •  🔋  Safe Battery: Quality LG cells with a BMS (battery management system) 
    •  📱 Touchscreen Compatible: Fingertips usable with touchscreens

    Each Complete Kit Includes:

    • One pair of heated glove liners
    • One pair of Flip Open Mittens
    • 2 batteries [Extended sets include 4 batteries]
    • One charger [Standard (1ah, 2 batteries) or Fast (4ah, 4 batteries), based on package]
    • One stickman wire
    • Owners Manual

    (Chart above is for Standard 12V 3.2ah Battery)

    Click HERE for the entire run-time chart, and HERE for the sizing chart.

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