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Riese & Muller

Riese and Muller Carrie Touring

Riese and Muller Carrie Touring

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  • The Carrie. As versatile as your everyday life.

    The Carrie delivers on its promise: our compact cargo bike offers the largest-possible loading surface on as small a space as possible. Forget heavy bags or rucksacks – you can choose from a wealth of transport accessories for all your needs. When folded out, the optional Flex Box provides plenty of storage space, yet you can effortlessly ride through narrow lanes and find a parking space almost anywhere when it is collapsed. And its minimalist frame in bold glossy colours simply needs to be seen.
    The Carrie is available from May 2024.

    Compact shape A bike for any time and anywhere.

    Minimal parking space and tight curves: you no longer have these worries with the Carrie. Thanks to its narrow 43 cm Basic Box, you can now ride with as much agility as on a regular bike, and you’ll always find a place to park it in the bike area in the basement. And with its two-legged stand, you can simply jack up the cargo bike and safely park it even with it fully loaded. When collapsed, the optional Flex Box is high enough to transport a regular drinks crate – even up to three when folded out. However, go for the carrier with MIK system if you want to carry even more. (Loading space approved for up to max. 80 kg, carrier approved for up to max. 27 kg.)

    Multifunctionality Flexible transport options.

    The inside of the Basic Box measures 45 x 30 cm and comes with a hard-wearing rain cover to protect your load. With the Flex Box, its name says it all: folded out, it offers an extended area of 45 by 65 cm, providing plenty of room for your sports bag or the weekly shopping. And you can conveniently load everything, thanks to the optional cargo bag that holds up to 90 litres. Opt for the Flex Box and child seat if you want to transport younger passengers. The child cover reliably protects your passengers from the wind and weather. (It accommodates up to two children age seven or younger. Please observe national regulations for the transport of children on bikes before using.)

    Sustainable materials Built for the future.

    We have based the design of the Carrie on circular design principles: Circular design aims to develop products for the longest-possible service life, at the end of which they enter a new product life cycle. Its compact frame is made of recycled aluminium and is powder-coated to conserve resources. We have dispensed with PVC that can be potentially harmful to health with the optional child cover. The Carrie accessories are designed to be easy to dismantle, clean and repair, if necessary, to keep you on the road trouble-free for years to come.

    Equipment and accessories Reliably practical.

    The Bosch Performance Line motor and the PowerPack 545 Wh battery mounted vertically on the frame give you up to 60 kilometres from a single charge. And you can comfortably ride over kerbs or potholes, thanks to its optional suspension seatpost. With its adjustable saddle height and angle- and height-adjustable stem, the seat position can be configured to accommodate riders from 1.50 m to 2.00 m tall, and sporty to comfortable riding preferences.  

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