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Universal Kayak Adapter (K-1 & J-2 Motors)

Universal Kayak Adapter (K-1 & J-2 Motors)

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  • With the Universal Kayak Adapter, you can attach your Bixpy J-2 Motor to virtually any kayak, canoe, or small watercraft. The aluminum pipes will adjust to accommodate virtually any length and configuration, and the mechanism includes an ingenious adjustment arm to accommodate a wide variety of slopes in the back of various watercraft.  

    As every kayak is slightly different in shape and configuration, you will have to do a little bit of installation with this adapter, but rest assured, this adapter ships complete with all the nuts and bolts you’ll need to get the job done. This is a more complex adapter, requiring higher levels of DIY ability, so it's only recommended if none of our other Adapters fit your kayak and you're comfortable taking on the task of installation or have access to a professional installer. 

    Make sure that you are getting the right Bixpy adapter for your watercraft on


    • Adapter: Attaches to virtually any kayak or canoe with adjustable hardware
    • Protection: Water-proof, dirt-proof, and corrosion-resistant housing and components
    • Water use: Marine grade stainless steel components for salt water or fresh water use
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