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Motion Heat

Heated Wear Essentials Kit

Heated Wear Essentials Kit

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  • Description
  • Description
  • Conquer the Cold with MotionHeat


    • 🕐 3 hours on high / 8 hours on low
    •  🔥12V and 16V batteries getting up to 60°C / 140°F
    •  ✋ Full heating on the back of the hand and on every finger
    • 🧥 Heating on the upper torso and lower back
    • 🧦 Base heating from the ball of the foot to tips of toes
    • 🏔️ Portable & easy-to-use
    •  🔋  Centralized Battery System
    • 🔌 Completely Compatible System
    •  📱 Touch screen compatible fingertips 


    Our Heated Wear Essentials Kit has been years in the making. With a completely integrated system operate your headwear. MotionHeat products are designed to be worn as base layers for closer heating element contact and heat transference. Our powerful 12 and 16-volt batteries are designed to keep you warmer than any other product. 

    The Heated Glove Liners started it all with their versatility and unparalleled warmth they can be worn on their own or with a shell on top. Whether you are doing outdoor recreation or working on the job site the liners are adaptable to any application. 

    Core warmth is critical for more frigid conditions. The Motion Heat Heated Vest has four separate heating elements to ensure you are toasty in even the coldest wind chill. With adjustable straps and a shorter cut, it ensures that the vest fits snuggly without bunching up when bending and moving. Constructed with a softshell material it helps block out the cold and insolate the heat. 

    Forget the days of cold toes with MotionHeat Heated Insoles as they offer great heating on the base of the foot from the ball up to the tips of the toes. Easily connected and operated from the heated vest it is plug and play. For the DIY Kit turn any orthotic or specialty insole into a heated one with a little bit of installation. 

    Never fear the cold again with our Heated Wear Essentials Kit. With hands, core and feet covered focus on enjoying what you want to do even in the most frigid conditions.

      Heated Wear Essentials Combo Kit Includes:

      • One Pair of Glove Liners
      • One Vest 
      • One Pair of Insoles or DIY Kit
      • Four Batteries
      • One Fast Charger
      • One Pair of Glove Extension Wires
      • One Pair of Insole Extension Wires
      • Owners Manual
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