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Tern Bike Tow Kit

Tern Bike Tow Kit

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  • Description
  • Description
  • With the Bike Tow Kit, you can bring an extra bike along for any ride! Bring your mountain or road bike on your camping weekend, or tow your kid's bike on longer stretches of the trip. Designed for towing a bike without its rider—your riding buddy gets to become everyone’s favorite backseat driver as they chill and take in all the action from your passenger seat. The Kit keeps the towed bike away from the passenger—giving them ample space to travel in comfort, and giving you more space for cargo on your GSD.

    • Turns your GSD Gen 2 into a tow truck for bringing most kid or adult-sized bikes 
    • With their bike in tow, your riding buddy arrives at the destination, fresh and ready to go!
    • Keeps your bike stable and easy to maneuver when towing a heavier e-bike uphill or on winding roads
    • Offers a much safer and cleaner alternative to the bag-and-drag method for carrying your kid's bike
    • Includes multiple tube sizes to fit most fork spacings
    • Passed safety testing by EFBE Prüftechnik for a load limit of 30 kg (66 lb)
    • Requires the Tern Tail Hitch L for installation
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