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Tern Clubhouse Backrest

Tern Clubhouse Backrest

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  • Description
  • Description
  • Tern Clubhouse Backrest: Ultimate Comfort and Safety for Your Young Adventurer

    Elevate your family biking experiences with the Tern Clubhouse Backrest, the perfect complement to the Clubhouse Seat Pad for a fully cushioned, reclining seat that your child will love. Designed specifically for all Clubhouse passenger systems, this backrest ensures that after a day full of activities, your big kid has a comfortable spot to lean back and enjoy the ride home. Ideal for children approximately 5 to 10 years old or 110 to 140 cm (3'7" - 4'7") tall, it's an essential upgrade for any family on the move.

    Ergonomic Design for Ultimate Comfort: Tailored to fit small backs perfectly, the Clubhouse Backrest is ergonomically designed to provide the utmost comfort for your child. Its thoughtful design supports a natural sitting posture, ensuring a comfortable ride from start to finish.

    Seamless Transition Between Activities: With a tool-free, easy-on, easy-off design, the Clubhouse Backrest allows for lightning-fast transitions between carrying your kids and converting the space for cargo. This means more time enjoying your adventures and less time fussing with gear.

    Enhanced Safety Features: Safety is paramount when it comes to family biking, and the Clubhouse Backrest has been designed with this in mind. Reflective accents on the backrest improve your bike's visibility on the road, ensuring a safer ride for you and your family, no matter the time of day.

    All-Weather Durability: The Clubhouse Backrest is waterproof, ensuring that it's ready for all-weather use. Rain or shine, your child will have a dry, comfortable spot to lean back on, making every ride enjoyable regardless of the weather conditions.

    The Perfect Pairing: When combined with the Clubhouse Seat Pad, this backrest creates the ultimate backseat setup for your child, providing a cozy, reclining spot on your bike. Whether you're off on a family adventure or simply running errands, your child can ride in comfort and style.

    The Tern Clubhouse Backrest is more than just a seat accessory; it's a commitment to your child's comfort and safety on every ride. By providing a soft, secure place to lean back and relax, combined with the ease of installation and weatherproof features, it ensures that your family's biking adventures are always a joy. Upgrade your biking setup today with the Tern Clubhouse Backrest and give your child the comfort they deserve on every journey.

    This product is part of the Tern Passenger System. See what additional accessories are required to safely carry passengers on your bike with the Tern Passenger Guide.

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