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Surgical Facemask

A mask made of non-woven fiber fabric with 3 layers. It is soft and breathable and can protect the respiratory tract from air pollutants and dust. Has eleastic earloops making it extremely comfortable and letting it fit on various different people. It is perfect to use when traveling or encountering large groups of people. Ideal for use when flying or traveling through airports, shopping malls, grocery stores, crowded streets, bus/train terminals, restaurants, and any other place that requires additional protection. Easy to remove and dispose of once your day is finished, and their inexpensive price makes them easy to replace.


1 mask $2.00
5 masks $10.00
10 masks $16.00




KN95 Facemask

A mask with protection equivelent to the N95 mask. Protect yourself from airborne dust, pollen, flu's and other allergens with a KN95 Protective Face Mask. This 5-ply foldable face mask has a filtration efficiency of up to 95%, to protect against microns greater than 0.3 in. size, effectively protecting respiratory health. The nose piece fits securely over the bridge of the nose and the ear bands keep the mask secure from shifting during movement. Ideal for daily use at home and at work, travel, or trips to the supermarket and gym, the masks help prevent the spread of germs and protect yourself from airborne particles and allergens. The best protection you could ask for, and easy to replace as well!

More Infomation on the KN95 Mask:

3M Documentation - https://multimedia.3m.com/mws/media/1791500O/comparison-ffp2-kn95-n95-filtering-facepiece-respirator-classes-tb.pdf


5 masks $30.00
10 masks $56.00




Reusable KN95 Facemask

A reusable version of the KN95 Facemask that provides you extreme amounts of safty. Take it with you to work, stores, or even on walks! With inexpensive filter replacements there is no need to worry about breaking open your bank to use it. Due to its design it is able to be disinfected, making it easier to use and manage.




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