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Tern folding bikes evolved from Dahon folding bikes maintaining a low and affordable cost. With a fast and efficient fold and various adjustment choices, not to mention Terns folding bikes are extremely lightweight. Tern folding bikes are perfect for all ages, and all heights. With Tern's multiple accessories, you can personalize your folding bike for your needs, with baskets, bags, clubhouses for children, and boxes for pets. With both compact size 20" wheel and commuter size 24"-26" wheel folding bikes available, so you can choose one bicycle that suits your own needs. Local pickup is available in Calgary, for those who live in the greater Alberta & British Columbia areas. And, discounted shipping rates to all of Canada so those in other provinces can feel the benefits of a Tern folding bike themselves.

In Tern's own Words;

At Tern, we build bikes that defy expectations for what a bike can do. We offer a wide range of bikes for different types of riders. We think it’s a waste to spend time gearing up every time you want to ride your bike. So, we make accessories to make your bike “ready to ride.” Hop on and go, just like you’d get in your car and turn the key. Tern accessories are made specifically for the geometry of our bikes. So, you never have to worry about compatibility. Explore all Tern products below.

Tern Owner Briefing

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Great ride

We design our bikes with an unrelenting focus on ride quality. Test ride one and see for yourself.

Easy fold

With a fast and small fold, our bikes are ideal for commuting, storage and theft prevention.

Built to last

Our bikes are serviceable, not land-fillable. Plus, they’re covered by our 10-year warranty.

Inside Tern

At Tern, we’re working to build a sustainable future based on a core belief that the bicycle—the ultimate high-efficiency vehicle—is central to that vision. Every action we take can be traced to this single, simple foundation.


We build bicycles with the aim of changing the world. Or at least the way people move. Our bicycles combine all the things people need to travel less by car and more by bicycle.


We named our company after a small, lightweight bird that mates for life and holds the world record for the longest migration.


Our commitment to sustainability is central to who we are. We design our bikes to be serviceable rather than land-fillable. And we are constantly searching for ways to reduce our impact, like minimizing packaging, specifying recycled cardboard, and reducing use of harmful chemicals like chromium.


At home, we enable our own employees to bike to work with free bicycles, showers, and changing rooms. Further afield, we partner with municipal transit authorities to make it easier to carry bikes on public transportation. And we actively participate in cycling associations to support people who want to use bicycles as a healthier, greener form of transportation.


Twenty-four hours a day, in some part of the world, we are designing, testing, and riding our product.

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