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From USA women's Olympian Cyclecross Racer, Georgia Gould


A true variety of people benefit from our heated gloves, and we are always excited to hear different user experiences. This user testimony comes from none other than female Olympian cycling athlete, Georgia Gould!  The MotionHeat gloves were designed for life in the Canadian winters, so we knew they would preform in any harsh environment, but we never expected them to be worn around the knuckles of a world-class cyclist! As a competitive cyclecross racer she performs in the most brutal of conditions and relies on her hands to control the bike through the menacing racecourse obstacles at breakneck speeds.  She has tried many different glove systems, and has put our heated glove through the gauntlet.   

Happily, the gloves help her stay on-top of her game through multi-hour training rides, and grueling races.   What sets these gloves apart for her is the high heat output and long run-time.  She doesn't worry about carrying extra batteries, or interrupting her training to change out a dead battery.  The heat output keeps her hands warm in the most miserable of riding conditions, so she can focus on the race and perform her best.    We are proud to see her using our product to it's full potential, and wish her all the success in her cyclecross career!! We caught up with her at Interbike 2015 and she was kind enough to sit down and have a conversation with us, to share some of her experience first hand.   
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From Rosemarie in Virginia, USA - Feb 2016

I just wanted to thank you again for making the Motion Heat gloves! I have secondary Raynaud’s from Scleroderma and have trouble keeping my hands warm and functional with handheld hot packs, so my husband purchased my first set in Fall 2014. They worked great because they provided heat all the way to the fingertips. I got a second pair soon after, including the wall and car adapters, because I wear them 8-16 hours/day in the fall and winter months and 2-4 hours/day and as needed during the warmer months. 

I’ve tried several types of battery-heated gloves, and these glove liners are by far THE BEST in terms of quality and providing heat to where I need it most: the fingertips. They are extremely well-made and durable, showing very little wear despite my putting them on and off 8+ times/day for the past 13 months. I hope you continue to make and improve upon these heated gloves because they have helped me tremendously!

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From Mark in New York, USA - Dec 2015

I have been making my living as an aerial photographer for the past 37 years here in central New York where temperatures can get quite cold. I have always dreaded the winter months as far as having to fly and shoot aerial photographs because my hands would always get so incredibly cold from my hands being exposed to the brutally cold temperatures of shooting aerial photographs with the aircraft window opened and 70-knot winds passing over my hands.

But ever since I discovered your wonderful "Power In Motion" Heated Gloves its changed the way I feel towards the winter months. They really do "CONQUER THE COLD". I no longer dread it when a customer calls and says they have a job or two and they need me to shoot ASAP and I look at the thermometer and its -5 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I not only use the heated gloves for when I am flying and hanging out of an airplane or helicopter photographing a site from the air but when I am hiking, skiing and whenever I feel that my hands will be uncomfortable without them. I like the fact that they are thin and light enough to be used as a glove liner and I can put the appropriate glove over them whether I am flying, skiing or hiking they work great for me. Thank you for helping make my winter months so much more comfortable and enjoyable.


From Marnie in British Columbia, Canada - Sep 2015

I have Raynaud’s which is really no fun to live with.  I spend a fair amount of time outside as I am an avid gardener and I walk my dogs at least twice a day.  The Raynaud’s was getting so bad that I was having trouble doing the things that I enjoy.  I started researching options for keeping my fingers warm and I came across Power In Motion Gloves.   I ordered them immediately and I can’t believe what a difference they have made for me.   I have had them for almost a year and wear them often (every day when the temp gets below 12 degrees) and up until 2 days ago I’ve had no problems with them.  I called Power in Motion to explain the issue and check on the warranty and with absolutely no hassle they are sending me a new pair.  I am blown away by their customer service.  Not only is this a West Coast Canadian Company their service is amazing.  I can’t say enough good things about them and their products.

A Cycling Commuter's Dream - Power in Motion Heated Gloves
From Ian in Nova Scotia, Canada - Feb 2014

About a year ago I blogged about buying some heated gloves to get me through the worst of winter cycling in Canada. Temperatures below -10C meant my hands were practically frozen by the time I got to work and I just couldn't find a decent glove to help me with the ride.

Well I found the Power in Motion Heated Gloves and decided they were worth the try. My reasons for the purchase and my initial reactions to the gloves are documented in an earlier blog spot here. Needless to say I was really impressed.

So a year later and it is the middle of winter and how are the gloves? Well in a word, awesome.

For Ian's full impressions click here to visit his blog

From Dave in Alberta - Feb 2014

I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for the great product. I was in your store this past Sunday (Feb 2nd) and bought your heated gloves with the two battery packs.

I rode to work (13km each way) and back on Monday. The temperature was around -15 and my hands were toasty warm. On the way to to work I started with the gloves on high, then moved them to medium and finished the last half of the ride with them on low.

Today the temperature at my house showed -26 as I rolled away. I road for about 10 minutes on high, then moved them to medium heat for the remaining 40 minutes of my ride. My hands were again toasty warm and if you could see beyond my iced up balaclava you would notice the huge smile on my face!

On another note, my feet were cooollllldddd! I hope your making progress with your heated socks and I would be more than willing to prototype (test) them out for you if you need some one crazy enough to ride their bike in this type of weather.

Cheers & many thanks,

From Margo in Alberta - Jan 2014



my husband bought me your heated gloves for Chrismas and they arrived here in Edmonton in January. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. my hands are longer cold in the car or when walking the dog. this will make winter slightly more bearable. great product! thanks again!


From Heidi in Alberta - Jan 2013

HI - You may remember me- I was in the store just after Christmas looking for heating gloves for my dad. I explained that he has terrible arthritis in both hands & his fingers, making it IMPOSSIBLE to find gloves that fit. I also explained that he has very poor circulation, and thus, always suffers in the cold. A few week later, you shipped the gloves to my parents - and we wanted to let you know they fit perfectly! My dad loves them :)

We also want to thank you for being so efficient and accommodating. Trust me - if your gloves fit my dad's hands - they will fit ANYBODY'S. The next wish would be for a design that has an external shell that is tough - so yard/farm work could be done wearing them as well :) Thank you again- I am very glad I happen to walk in to your store by chance.

From Jean in Quebec - Jan 2013

Hi John, Hi Ken,
just to let you know that it's been nearly 2 weeks since my janitor have received and tried the Motion heat gloves. He is thrilled about them. I've never seen someone open up a package with such immense joy. They sure work! We had -45 degrees celsius on several occasions. They are well designed, efficient, long lasting com fort. Our janitor is a hard working person who speeds 4 to 6 hours at a time outside in the winter time. Well done. Congratulations.

Jean Rouyn, Qc.