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Segway SuperScooter P100s

Segway SuperScooter P100s

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  • Description
  • Features
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  • Description
  • Feel the need for speed? We've got you covered.

    You’re riding in style on the GT2, a scooter as perfectly at home on the road to work as it is on the road to adventure. Have a longer trip in mind? The GT2 combines exceptional speed with an outstanding battery range of 55.9 miles.

  • Features
  • 6000W Two-Wheel-Drive Air Cooled Hub Motor

    The GT2 two-hub motor generates a 3000W maximum motor power in each, reaching 88Nm peak torque. With this powerful motor, the GT2 reaches an exciting 43.5mph top speed, with an acceleration of 0-30mph in 3.9 seconds.

    1512Wh High-Performance Battery

    Segway engineered a 1512Wh, high-performance battery with a Heat Flux Multi-Layer Cooling System, keeping the heat balance in even the most extreme driving conditions. 


    Segway engineered the unique Segway Dynamic Traction Control System (SDTC) to ensure you remain in control on gravel or a slippery road, providing better handling at high speeds. 


    Leave the world behind with Boost Mode. Boost Mode activates overpower, shooting you ahead in seconds.

    Front Double Wishbone Suspension

    GT series includes a supercar-level, front double-wishbone suspension structure, ensuring the suspension is stable and handles well.

    Rear Trailing Arm Suspension

    The rear trailing arm suspension structure is built like a high-end motorcycle, providing agile suspension and a comfortable drive.

    Hydraulic Shocks

    The GT series has front & rear 15-level damping adjustable hydraulic shocks. These can be personalized based on the driving conditions. Whether on a smooth asphalt road or off-roading, your GT2 is always in a perfect state. 

    Hydraulic Disc Brake

    Powerful breaking strength is ensured in the most furious driving conditions. The GT series has 0.8-inch front & rear dual-pistons, a 5.5-inch diameter hydraulic disc brake, and a 0.1-inch perforated brake pad.

    Self-Sealing Tires

    GT series provides 11-inch by 3.6-inch tubeless tires with a unique self-sealing function, providing an ultimate road-gripping capacity. With these innovative tires, the risk of punctures is low, regardless of road conditions.

    Aluminum Alloy Frame

    The GT series is equipped with an aircraft-grade, lightweight aluminum alloy frame to ensure the best body durability in extreme conditions.

    PM-OLED Transparent Display

    The GT2 boasts the world's first transparent PM OLED display, showing Speed, Motor Power, Battery Life, Range, Drive Mode, Lighting, and STDC. While in Boost Mode, an Energy Reserve Bar is displayed.

    900 Lumens LED Light

    The GT series includes a 900 lumens LED headlight, LED daylight, and a front & rear turn light.

    Ambient Lights

    The GT series includes optional rear ambient lights with 11 light mode options that can be chosen from the Segway app.

    Twin-Charging Technology

    To speed up the charging time, the GT2 contains two chargers, allowing for simultaneous charging or separate chargers in different areas.

    Double Safety Quick-Folding Structure

    The GT2 includes a safe, solid folding rod, allowing the scooter to be quickly and easily folded down and stored in a narrow space.

  • Specifications 
  • Item Parameter
    Product Name Segway KickScooter
    Model P100SU
    Length × Width × Height Approx. 46.6 × 25 × 50.7 in (1184 × 634 × 1287 mm)
    Folded: Length × Width × Height Approx. 46.6 × 25 × 25.2 in (1184 × 634 × 640 mm)
    Net Weight Approx. 72.5 lbs (32.9 kg)
    Rider Max. Payload 265 lbs (120 kg)
    Recommended Age 18–60 years old
    Required Height 5'2''–6'6'' (160–200 cm)
    Machine Wheelbase 35.4 in (900 mm)
    Ground Clearance 6 in (153 mm)
    Max. Speed[1] Approx. 30 mph (48 km/h)
    Typical Range[2] Approx. 62.1 miles (100 km)
    High Speed Range[3] Approx. 31.4 miles (50.6 km)
    Max. Slope Approx. 23%
    Traversable Terrain Bicycle lanes, parks, campuses and most of the flat road conditions and typical Belgian roads
    Operating Temperature 14 to 104°F (-10 to 40°C)
    Storage Temperature 14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C)
    IP Rating IPX5
    Duration of Charging Approx. 7 h
    Battery Model NCAF4813A/NCAF4812D
    Nominal Voltage 47.2 V
    Max. Charging Voltage 54.6 V
    Nominal Energy 1086 Wh
    Nominal Capacity 23 Ah
    Charging Temperature 32–109°F (0–43°C)
    Battery Management System Over-heating, short circuit, over-current, over-discharge and over-charge protection
    Motor Motor Type Brushless DC (BLDC) motor
    Nominal Power 0.65 kW, 650 W
    Charger Input Voltage 100–240 V ~ 50–60 Hz, 2.0 A MAX.
    Max. Output Voltage 54.6 V
    Rated Output 53.5 V, 3 A
    Output Power 0.16 kW, 160 W
    Type Built-in
    Model NBW54D603D0D
    Features Brake Light Flashes when braking
    Speed Modes Energy-saving mode, Standard mode and Sport mode
    Tire Type 10.5-inch Self-sealing tubeless tires
    Tire Pressure 30–45 psi
    Material Rubber
    Others Speed Modes WALK mode, ASSIST mode, PARK mode, ECO mode, DRIVE mode and SPORT mode
    Brake System Disc brake & Electric brake

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